Welcome to the Dutler family’s blog site!

In 2010, Steve & Audra felt God was calling them to Thailand and the MST Project, based in Bangkok. The MST Project is practically the only ministry of its kind in the world, as it reaches out to foreign men who go into Thailand’s red-light districts. Casting no judgement and believing that these men are worthy of God’s love and healing, MSTP staff and volunteers go into those red-light districts to bring that HOPE to those who are lost.In the years since, we have worked very hard on fundraising in order to take our family to Thailand, but currently are taking a break from fundraising. While we still feel God’s call on our lives very strongly, it became apparent that it wasn’t time to go yet, and we needed to rest. Positive changes in the ministry and in our own family has made it clear that there are things yet to finish “at home,” and things still to be prepared for “overseas.”

So, things has changed some since we first created this blog, but our goal is still the same; following God’s lead to Thailand. As we wait patiently on Him, life goes on, and in the months to come we will continue to share and write. So browse around, check out the sites of some of the other causes that we support, and if you’d like to get in touch with us just go to the “contact” page. As always, we are grateful for your prayers and support as we continue down this road, on an amazing journey with God.

Over the next 18-24 months, we will continue to seek God’s guidance and continue to prepare, just on a more low-key scale. We look forward to the day when God opens that door for us and we are released to go and begin the great adventure He has planned  in the beautiful country of Thailand!

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